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Love between you and Slovenia top wines.

Love between you and Slovenia top wines.

“I could not have imagined it is so big and diverse.”.

It will be the only reasonable answer you will be able to provide to Your friends as you return from Slovenia top wine tour.

Yet they will repeat the question over and over again:

“Why did we book only a few days?”.

It will include Slovenia's breathtaking sights.

As You will enjoy those unique places, you will realise, it is much more than about Slovenia.

It is about you.

Our journey will pass numerous wine cellars.

Stop at the most precious, distinct and unique ones.

Serving the best wines in the world.

Observing wine barrel in the wine cellar

I know them inside out.

Because She told me their secrets.

Read about her. She is the root of the best wine tour you can ever get.

Dates, foods, places?

You make the outline about Your wishes.

I prepare all the rest.

Contact me.

I’ll get back to you within a day.

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