Wine tours

You and only 7 other wine lovers.

Food lovers accepted as well.

Unprecedented boutique experience of flavors, smiles and most unexpected moments of truth. In vino veritas.

About You

While your eyes will rest on that incredibly large and old barrel your mind will start wandering.

Relaxing atmosphere filled with laughter of your friends. Perfect combination of smells and taste. Unique landscape and history.

This very moment of your self-awareness is exactly what it is all about: discovery, treasure, relaxation, feeling good in your skin.

Discover wine world

In addition to visiting the imposing cellars and beautiful landscapes, BigGuy’s wine tours are about:

  • the diversity of wines and winemakers who produced them,
  • finding the best combination with food,
  • recognise the impact of the climate, the earth and the man on wine.

We will begin with the basics: why is the wine dry or sweet, how is red or orange wine produced? Continue by recognising known aromas and flavors in wine, the difference between stainless and wooden barrels. Reveal the process of ripening and even more.

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