The world’s oldest vine

I have been working for her, besides her, with her for many years.

Accepting tourists to her house. Preparing and serving best wines in her yard.

We know each other. And step by step she has revealed stories to me. About her meetings with wine queens. All the bottles she counted with the wine enthusiasts. Secret corridors of Maribor underground cellar.

But most of all, she revealed the actual Story of her. Connection to the grapes, earth, river, food and wine. Story of the wine world.

Who is she?

News about the new continent discovered by Christopher Columbus was still discussed among people as some unknown Maribor’s lower town resident planted vine in front of his house.

River Drava wildly observed the moment and for the rest of the 500 years protected and challenged this plant.

vinska trta

Oldest vine survived all the challenges

Many events could have just destroyed it.

The medieval fires when the town of Maribor was repeatedly burnt down.

Turkish attacks on the city, the vine louse, severe bombing at the end of the Second World War.

Rising of the Drava River initiated by constructions of the dams on the river.

Oldest vine stood still and strong.

Preservation and protection

In the middle of 1980’s, a group of experts protected it from all further challenges.

It was rejuvenated by the professional removal of dead parts and today it produces 30 to 40 kg of large dark blue grapes every year.

Every year a magnificent vintage of the world’s oldest vine is organised, and it became one of the most interesting events in Slovenia.

There is so much more

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