Mother of all wine tours

Suddenly you realise it is about you and only you.

Sitting with few of your friends at this table in the of all vineyards, time stopped. Smiles on their faces, fresh breath of the air calmly surrounding your senses.

Seems like the day was already so full and nothing else matters. Yet there is more waiting for you. Secret corner of one of the biggest town wine cellars in Europe.

A treasure missed by thousands of tourists just few steps above.

This very moment of your self-awareness is exactly what it is all about: discovery, treasure, relaxation, feeling good in your skin.

Perfecting your life with a glass of purest emotions. Taking it into your hand without hesitation but most gentle touch. Allowing the smell to seduce you. Taste to remember it.

That glass was chosen by you and for you. Today. Now.

In a 5* wine tour you will experience:

World record vine climbing.

History and future of wine in Slovenia.

Most delicious table in the ❤ of all vineyards.

Secret treasures of underground celer.

Best wine tasting. Ever.

Start the 6 hours of 5* wine luxury trip now.

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Starting at 70€ per person.

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