Characteristics of local wines

In the wine-growing region of Styria, white varieties of wines are predominant, among them the most common are the Laški and Rhine Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Yellow Muscat, Traminec, and White and Pinot Gris. Among the less frequent there are Kerner, fragrant traminec, rizvanec and two local specialties of the wound and šipon. Ranina is the only endemic variety of Štajerska, while the Šipon is a domesticated variety, otherwise known in Hungarian as a furmint. The dominant style of the wine is fresh, light, aromatic and drinkable, with alcoholic levels of around 12%. Usually, the wines are used fresh, ripen for a short time in stainless steel bars under inert conditions. Some winemakers, however, devoted part of the harvested grapes to more serious and richer wines that can be produced only in the best years.

Among the red varieties, the most common are the Pinot Noir, the blue frankin and the zweigelt. The production of red wine covers about 10%. Some winemakers may decide for classical production, organic production without any synthetic tools in a vineyard or for biodynamic production, which prescribes the most strict working conditions.