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39th cut of the oldest vine in the world

Well, now our beauty is cut down. With a new hairstyle, she is really the right beauty! This year’s cut was postponed due to bad weather conditions, which is understandable, since the old vine cut, like grape harvest, has evolved in recent years into an interesting event.

Otherwise, the mayor and wine queens are still demanding excellent concentration if you want to keep the red thread to the end, but hey, this is a protocol event. It is also very commendable to extend the offer with additional stalls, where even cold pressed oil from grape seedes, which grew on the Old Vine, could be tried! It is understandable that the wine of the World’s Oldest Vine can not be tried by every visitor, but every visitoh had the opportunity to try oil from grape seeds, which is an extraordinary experience, at least for those who are carying the Old Vine deep in their harts.

Such a culinary surplus should be even better announced in the coming years before the event itself, which would attract even more rare delicacies lovers to Lent. Surprisingly, the grape sead oil is really good taste it has very mild aroma and a pleasant warm oily taste, with no bitterness or sharp tastes that may be present in this type of oil.

Trying the oil from the seeds of The oldest vine in the world: an unrivaled unique culinary experience, which I will gladly repeat next year!