All-day tour

You and only 7 other wine lovers.

Food lovers accepted as well.

Unprecedented boutique experience of flavors, smiles and most unexpected moments of truth. In vino veritas.

This story and wine tour about you starts at her place (do read about her first, please).

And just when you become acquainted by her mysteries, we take a ride.

Along the roads of Austrian border you will discover amazingly preserved wine cellars of superior quality.

Have delicious and pristine lunch with best wines existing far beyond.

After more than 20 samples we return to your hotel. You might feel tired, but there are still some night treasures to discover in Maribor. I’ll let you know which ones taste awesomely good.

All of this 9 hours experience starting at 87€ per person. If there’s only 2 of you or less, the price is 97€.

Contact me. I’ll get back to you within a day.