About me

Why did I decide to invite you to a wine tour?

Jernej Lubej

Because I enjoy it immensely, because I am delighted to be able to help people understand such a noble and complex drink as wine. And if we do what pleases us from the heart, we are happy and the mood is transmitted to people around us. By nature, I am very curious and I get to the bottom of things, so learning never ends. Among the wines, I am most excited by those which are given the time to develop, to smear, and to demonstrate their character, the character of the year and the earth with minimal interventions. They do not have to be orange or biodynamic, although those are particularly interesting. It is enough that the wine maker decides to produce something above average and when this commitment is realized, both winemakers and testers are satisfied. It can happen to you, as it did to me, that one of the wines you taste overwhelms you so much that the world around you disappears, all the sounds and images, and you are left with dancing of aromas, gentle saltiness of minerals and intertwining of acid and taste. You are invited to join me.